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May 14 2014


February 17 2014


February 02 2014


After Workout Treat! Jesinta Campbell Goes Shopping After Pounding The Pavement On Early Morning Jog

The 22-year-old former Miss Universe Australia was spotted pounding the pavement in Bondi, Sydney, yesterday in her Asics Max Workout cap and matching Spandex workout gear. Campbell, who is dating AFL star Lance 'Buddy' Franklin, held onto her iPhone to DJ her own workout playlist during the session. Pounding the pavement: Jesinta Campbell was spotted on her early morning jog in Bondi, Sydney Natural beauty: Make-up free Jesinta looked stunning as she went for her morning workout After her early morning jog, the Australian beauty slipped into her denim shorts and a powder blue linen shirt to go shopping. She was pictured in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills, where she visited a handcraft store before picking up groceries. Jesinta has had a busy week and shared a picture on her Instagram account of the dress she chose for a Channel Nine morning show appearance. She wrote yesterday: 'Loved my @dion_lee_number for @morningson9 today.' In the blue: Jesinta changed into her denim shorts and powder blue shirt to go shopping in the afternoon Glammed up: Jestina looked gorgeous in her make-up after her workout Campbell isn't shy about her love of working out, and has been quoted as saying: 'I love to exercise. I'll go for a run most mornings, I live near the beach so I run along the shoreline most mornings. 'Its the best start to my day.' She also gets pushed to her limit by personal trainer Anna Scrimshaw. And, if that's not enough, she has her AFL-playing boyfriend 'Buddy' - who is also a fitness fanatic - to suggest the odd work-out here and there as well.
Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2549011/After-workout-treat-Jesinta-Campbell-goes-shopping-pounding-pavement-early-morning-jog.html

January 25 2014


Australian Foreign Minister Slanders Edward Snowden

In her Washington speech, Bishop nevertheless absurdly maintained that Snowden had harmed those who stand at the forefront of protecting human freedom and had attempted to destroy the trust between those who are most supportive of and sympathetic to the security and influence of the United States in maintaining global peace and freedom. These paeans to world peace and freedom, it may be noted, was issued by a figure whose last overseas trip was to Israel, where she attended the funeral of the notorious Israeli war criminal Ariel Sharon, while publicly denying that Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories violated international law. Bishops declarations on Washingtons world diplomacy dripped with cynicism. The Obama administration is playing an incendiary role in world politics, fuelling a sectarian civil war in Syria as part of its longstanding regime-change drive, launching regular illegal drone strikes across the Middle East and North Africa, assisting fascistic forces in Ukraine as they try to oust the government, and actively preparing for a possible military attack against China as it pivots to the Asia-Pacific in an attempt to block any challenge to its global hegemony. The Australian foreign ministers visceral hostility towards Snowden partly reflects deep concern that his exposes will undermine Washingtons drive to diplomatically isolate and militarily encircle China. The former Labor government positioned Australia as a central partner of the US pivot, opening up a new US Marine base in Darwin and accommodating a wider US naval and air force presence in Australia. Since coming to office last September, the Liberal-National government is picking up where the Labor Party left off. The title of Bishops speech was US-Australia: The Alliance in an Emerging Asia. In this year, a century on from the commencement of the Great War of 1914-18, we can reflect on the fact that over those 100 years the US and Australia have fought side-by-side in every major conflict in which either of us have been engaged, she declared. Seventy-five years ago, while much of the rest of the world was focussed on the darkening clouds in Europe, we were focussing ourselves on the potential for a clash in the Asia-Pacific. Today, we still walk that geopolitical line It is fair to say that our region, indeed the world, continues to feel the reverberation of Chinas rise. Bishops speech formed part of a series of discussions in Washington on the US-Australia alliance and the possibility of war in Asia that were convened by the Centre for Strategic and International Studies.

January 19 2014


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